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No matter what your fitness level, you're welcome to join us on our Saturday morning runs.
If you're just starting out, please begin by taking three-mile walks now, adding a few minutes of light jogging for every few minutes of walking, as you feel comfortable.

Dec. 9: Cabrillo

It's one of our favorites! Meet and be ready to go at 7 a.m. at Peet's Coffee in Point Loma (at 955 Catalina Blvd.). This is Week One for Celebration, so it's a great time to restart your running career -- or simply have a wonderful walk with sensational Solemates. 

There's a bathroom and water at the start, but you'll need to bring water to carry. And there's coffee, of course, at the end! Here's the mileage:

San Francisco: 3
Dallas RnR/SD Half = 5
Holiday Half/Encintas = 6.5
AZ RnR/Carlsbad = 8
Disney Princess = 9
Resolution/Surf City = 10
Miami = 11

See you there!

Bring a filled water bottle and mid-run nutrition with you. Have a light breakfast before you arrive. 

Walkers are ALWAYS welcome; we can make sure everyone has a route that's right for them.



Saturday Runs

We meet in locations throughout San Diego at 7 a.m. for our Saturday morning runs.  The formal mileage is based on the events that most members are training for, but we'll always provide alternate mileage options. 

Mid-Week Training

Try to get in at least two 3-mile runs and one cross-training workout this week. 

Running starts with your soles and ends in your soul!

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