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Sole to Soul Running is a very special kind of running/walking group. No matter what your fitness level, you'll find the support you need to accomplish goals you never thought were possible!

We offer support if you're just starting out or an experienced runner or walker. It's a great time to run -- or learn to run -- or walk. This group is for YOU; no matter what your pace or experience, we think you're perfect!  

Our Facebook page is your best source for up-to-date training and race information!  


I'm not a certified coach or physician -- just someone who knows that running with wonderful people makes for a wonderful life.  Please see About Us for important information about my coaching skills (or lack thereof).  

Here's the thing:  It may start with the sole, but it changes the soul! 

We'd love for you to join us on our Saturday morning and race day adventures. See our Training Schedule each week for our meeting place and mileage. 


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baby Steps?

I've been thinking about some of the advice that we give one another -- especially when you're first starting to run or (even harder) returning to run again.

"Just take baby steps," we say.

Baby steps. Like that's easy.  Like even a baby can do it.

I think the opposite is true. Baby steps are hard.  You HAVE to be as strong and resiliant and amazing as a baby to pull this off.

Think about what a baby has to go through learning to walk. First, everyone's watching you.  There is a collective "ohhhhhh" from the crowd everytime you fall down. And you fall down a lot. Hard.  Every which way. 

But babies don't know they're supposed to be daunted by failure. They just keep getting up and trying again.  They wobble. They fall.  Sometimes they cry.  But they keep trying.  

Babies are smart. They know when they need help, and they take it.  They cruise around the furniture for awhile. They hang onto your fingers with surprising strength while smiling easily and taking all the credit. 

I mean, really, can you even imagine anything that we endeavor as adults that requires us to change our entire orientation and do something that seems as physiologically impossible as balancing that big baby head upright over those tiny baby feet?  

So here's my point:

When we start -- or start back -- we are, in fact, taking baby steps. If it feels hard, relax.  There's nothing wrong with you -- you're just being a baby...and that's a super-courageous and strong and fabulous thing to be.  

On your journey, you may wobble.  You may not be on the same time frame as the other baby runners.  You may feel like crying sometimes.  

But please, continue to be a baby. Keep trying.  Let people help you. Remain undaunted. You can do it! 

Baby steps -- it's pretty good advice after all! 

Wed, August 24, 2016 | link 

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Many of our members joined Sole to Soul to train for their first 1/2 marathon. Most of us never thought that running 13.1 miles was even possible when we first started training but, together, we learned that we could do it.

Our running motto is "At Peace With My Pace." I believe that with encouragement and support, you can cross the finish line -- still upright, smiling and ready to sign up for another adventure.

You can do this, too; please email me with questions!

Judy Minich
Founder, Sole to Soul Running


The Joy of Our Journey
It takes courage to set a goal, but it feels SO GOOD to get there!


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